hubler bros., inc.
130 bbl dragon steel vacuum trailers
•       Type: Vacuum Tank Trailer; Non-DOT Spec
•       Capacity: 5460 Gallons, Plus 2%
•       ICC MC: None
•       Commodity: Unspecified Oilfield Fluids
•       Design Pressure: 15 PSI Internal, 22 INHG External, 23 PSIG
        Hydrostatic Test
•       Shell: 1/4" PL x 60" OD.
•       Baffle: (2) 1/4" PL Flat Flanged and Dished Each with Interior
        Shell Reinforcement Ring
•       Stiffener: 3/8" x 2 1/2" Rolled Rings (8) External
•       Welds: Internal Root, External Submerged-Arc
•       Compartment: Single
•       Suspension: Hutch CH 9700 w/8 Leaf Low Arch Springs
•       Axles: 22,500 LB Round with Outboard Drums
•       Wheels: 10 Hole Steel Disc Hub Pilot
•       Tires: 11.00 x 24.5 Radials
•       Brakes: 16-1/2" x 7" with Spring Parking,Auto Slacks, ABS Both
•       Upper Coupler: Bolt on Adjustable
•       Landing Legs: 2 Speed, Heavy Duty,High Capacity Lift
•       Bumper: 4" x 8" Tube with Tow Eye
•       Fenders: Full Length Formed Hose Pan (10 GA) with 1/4"
        Formed Supports
•       Tool Box: 18" x 18" x 36" on Driver's Side with Sealed Door
•       Mud Flaps: Anti Sail
•       Outlet: Two 4" Butterfly Valves at Rear with a Wedge Sump
•       Reliefs: 1-1/2" Vacuum Relief, 2" Pressure Relief , both located at
        top front of barrel, 2" Blow Down Line at Rear
•       Manways: Four located on Top, one on Rear Head, all 21"
        Domed Style with Plated Swing Bolts and Wing Nuts
•       Shut Off: Ball Type Primary in Front Manway, Ball Type Secondary
        12 Gallon on Driver's Side Front with Drain
•       Lights: Full DOT Lights, Sealed Lights, Harness and Junction
        Box with Terminal Stip, Two Rear Work Lights with Integral
•       Sight Glass: 2" Sight Glass Fittings in Front and Rear Head, 1
        -1/2" Plastic Sight Glass Tube installed in Rear Head with Clean
        Out Tees and 2" Ball Valves Top and Bottom
•       Coating: All Surfaces White Metal Steel Grit Blast, 2.5 MIL Profile
        (SP-10), Interior Lined with Chemical Resistant 100% Solids
        Epoxy Liner, 10-15 MIL Dry Film Thickness. Exterior Coated High
        Build Epoxy Primer and Color Coated with High Solids
        Polyurethane, 4-6 MIL Dry Film Thickness
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