The Hydra-Headboard is an original design. It is
patented and manufactured exclusively by Hubler
Bros., Inc,

The Hydra-Headboard's innovative concept, space &
weight saving design, and carefully-crafted contour
provide a quantum improvement over standard
headboard/body bulkhead.
       Specifications: Headboard Assembly/Oil Cooler

  • Combines hydraulic tank with truck headboard or truck body
  • Pennsylvania and many other states require some type of
    headboard by law
  • By its design, with over 10,400 square inches of surface area, the
    headboard-tank act as a natural oil cooler
  • The headboard-tank eliminates mounting space problems on side
    of truck frame
  • Oil tank is high above pump which floods the inlet, preventing a
  • The tank's high and narrow shape is ideal
  • Vertical tubes act as baffles, eliminating oil slushing and air
  • Contamination settles down and bottom fittings allow for easy clean
    out and flushing of tank and strainers
  • Magnetic oil plug in bottom of tank collects metal filings
  • Internal flow design allows for optimum cooling
  • Top vent filter, temperature, and oil check sight gauges are standard
  • Two external (3) micron water absorbent filters are easy to service
    without draining the tank
  • Bottom tap for "optional" oil pre-heater
  • Screen on headboard-tank adds protection and helps dissipate
  • Weight of headboard-tank assembly is lighter than a separate
    headboard and conventional tank system
Hubler Bros., Inc. Product Fact Sheet: